About Us

Welcome to Pharmacon

We are a unique integrated communications and consultancy company fully focused on marketing healthcare products and services. To meet the needs of the local healthcare market, our team focuses on understanding its employees, doctors, and specialists.

Our Mission

To contribute to the unique comprehension of the pharmaceutical industry and of the life sciences by creating and implementing innovative communication and marketing strategies for the health sector in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Our Vision

To be active facilitators that promote a constant education of preventative health and of wellbeing to contribute to a healthy and sustainable future.

Our Values

To inspire incessant collaboration and honesty through teamwork

To constantly adapt ourselves to all challenges or changes with commitment and integrity

To lead by example, with loyalty, and ethics

To help diverse communities via social responsibility initiatives

To foment the continued learning for the increase of knowledge.

Why Pharmacon

When compared to larger counterparts, our focused team provides specific in-depth services and expert knowledge of the health and pharmaceutical industry. As a specialized consulting and communications firm, PharMaCon PR, serves as a complement to the established internal and external communication teams of our clients. Our team provides continuous resources and expertise, always educating ourselves about the ins and outs of such a large, yet niche industry.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

During the initial phases of clients development, or as they seek to corner the market, we offer an in-depth market analysis through market intelligence, market research, and creating focus groups. We also complement this research with meetings with Consultants.


Our broad range of services and expertise allows us to impact specialized niche markets and provide management for health clinics and Edutainment™.

Clinical Marketing

Our broad range of services and expertise allows us to impact specialized niche markets and provide management for health clinics and Edutainment™.

Public Relations

In combination with event coordination, our Public Relations team also manages client’s Media Relations and Crisis Management efforts. These initiatives complement our team’s efforts with Internal Communications, leading Special Events, fostering Alliances and Partnerships, and developing Public Affairs strategies.

Creative Work

Complementing our strategic approach is our focus on constant creative development and production, benefitting the conceptualization and adaption of promotional materials and the development of educational campaigns for diverse health conditions. Our team also works with Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Advertising and Internal Advertising (newsletters, e-cards, videos, or editorials).

Program Implementation and Management

Our full spectrum communications services allow us to manage communications efforts like Social Media, Media planning and buying, Market Development Initiatives, and Market Expansion. This complements our development of Disease Management Programs, Risk Management Programs, and Patient Adherence Programs.

Hispanic Marketing

The strategic location of Puerto Rico has helped our team better adapt and develop campaigns for the Hispanic Market. Our experience in managing products in the Caribbean and Central America has helped us develop integrated marketing plans, communication plans, and plan of action meetings.


Our public relations team leads the extensive efforts of conceptualizing medical, sales, and marketing events.  The team also coordinates continuous education events (CME’S), Wellness Programs, and helps organize events directly with some of Puerto Rico’s largest Pharmaceuticals.

Our People

As a small-sized company we make sure our employees collaborate together to bring the best solutions possible to our clients and their corresponding projects.






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